Petville Review

Petville on Facebook is a game that allows you to take care of, well, a pet. Your pet is a creature that you create when you sign up for the game. There are many types of custom pets to choose from, allowing you to make the pet that favors your tastes. All the pets walk on two legs and have clothes. They also live in houses. In order to get more items for your pets you have to earn money. This can be done by cleaning your pet’s house, interacting with your pet, and doing the bubble pop game.
As you buy furniture and other household items, you get experience. Experience is represented in this game as love. You can also gain experience by feeding your pet, cleaning your pet, and cleaning your pet’s home. If you do not care for your pet in Petville your pet will run away and you will have to spend money getting your pet back from the pound.

Gaining levels in Facebook’s Petville is simple: treat your pet nicely and get them plenty of things and you will gain levels. Another feature in Petville is interaction with other player’s pets. Doing things while at the other pets houses gives love and money. I have found that the more friends that you have as neighbors, the quicker you can level up. Also friends can sends gifts which, when used, nets you experience and money as well.

Purchasing items for your pet’s home is simple. Click on the world button in the lower left hand corner and then click on the store you want to go to. Clicking the left and right arrows allows you to scroll through the store’s items. Clicking on the item and then clicking buy, puts that item into your inventory. Once you have your purchase complete click on the home button in the lower left hand corner. Now that your pet is home you can click on storage and use the item, dragging it to the place you want it in your pet’s home.Eventually you will need more space. This happens automatically as you gain levels. In Facebook’s Petville, more rooms will open up as you gain levels. This will allow you the extra space needed to fit all of the items you painstakingly shopped for. This game is simple and easy to play. It is a good game to kill a few minutes between other things you are doing online.