Farm Frenzy 3 – Video Game Review

In this age of multiplayer games, virtual reality and 3d television, who would ever think that a game based on the goings on at a farm would have any legs? Believe it or not the game Farm Frenzy is in it’s third incarnation and it continues to be favorite among PC gamers. This incarnation has taken the game to a whole new level and has improved upon some the major weaknesses of the previous versions.

This game goes deep and wide with ninety five levels and five global locations. The developers have brought a lot more to the table in this incarnation of the game. with wildlife encounters from the Arctic to the African Savannah. One important distinction between Farm Frenzy Pizza Party and the latest incarnation is that the developers have done away with the complex recipes. Feedback from a lot of users seemed to evidence that the recipe system just bogged the game down too much. The game is far less complicated than the 2nd version which makes the experience much more fluid and entertaining. The game has in many ways returned to its uncomplicated roots which is a vast improvement.

Farm Frenzy three cuts right to chase, starting you off with the basic farm tasks like attending to the chickens and preparing your goods for sale. As you make progress, you will encounter new areas where you will have new opportunities to maximize your profits.

The 3D graphics in this version are a big improvement over previous versions. Everything from the animals to the buildings are much more detailed, dynamic and have an almost three dimensional look. This overall look of the game is much more engaging, but this does require some extra processing power. Some of the heavy action scenes may cause some performance lag if you are playing on an older machine.

In conclusion Farm Frenzy 3 really ups the ante on the previous versions by enhancing the visual aspects, adding a lot of new levels as well as incorporating new buildings and animals. The improved features add some new and interesting options without losing or confusing people with too much complexity.