Blue stacks Clash of Clans Private Server

Clash of Clans Private Server

Clash of the clans is a simple and responsive game that will keep you on thinking about the next step that you are supposed to take for the good of the people of your city. Makes it easy for you were poor gold and dark elixir especially gems. You can also upgrade unlimited without having to wait for gems. Those of you who use the clash of clans private server these can be used in android and the blue stack can be downloaded.

Bluestacks clash of clan:

Bluestacks is an android emulator of your computer. When you use it, a window containing an instance of the android operating system that will pop up and you can use that instance of android to do anything you would be able to do on a regular android device.

If a blue stack is used then any malware contained inside a hacked version of clash of clans private server. Any viruses inside programs that are needed to hack a regular clash of clans app will have a limited effect and since there will be no personal information is located on the blue stacks instance of android.


  • Bluestack is a state rooted. Download the root file that has
  • Open the root file folder and click the blue stack existing icon.
  • Complete the steps and then step-up to the writing rooted
  • Close the blue stack root application then opens the file folder output
  • Download the host editor in blue stack
  • You have to select the add host and then click cmd prompt
  • Type config without the quotes and save the host name with writing the image above
  • Enter the Clash of clans private server on blue stack and look at the result.

With this tool for clash of clans you just have to get connected to the internet so you can use it in getting everything that you need (gems,gold,elixir).