Armor of Tibia: The Best Armor in the Massive Multiplayer Online Game

Many have said that a warriors best friend is his sword… well that’s just not the case. In the online game of Tibia your best friend is going to be your armor! The armor you use in Tibia will vary greatly from the time you start until the time that you are more advanced player. You need to choose armor that is right for you, and here is a good way to start off.
As a beginner in Rookguard you will start with a shirt or coat. These are the most basic forms or armor only giving you minimal protection, but for your weak capacity they will do just fine. Try and upgrade to leather armor as soon as you can, although this type of armor is not too much better. Once you advance a few levels try and purchase studded armor. This may cost you a pretty penny to begin with, but it will save your life as you venture through the rest of Rookguard. Once you have studded armor there is no need the buy any other kind or armor until you get to mainland.

Once on the main cotenant you will be facing tougher monsters, and players! So you need an upgrade to your armor. Try and find some chain armor first off. You can buy this for a few hundred gold, or by killing a Minotaur. Either way it’s essential to your survival. Brass Armor is another good option, though a fair bit heavier then chain armor, it will provide a slight bit more protection

Now after the purchase or find of Chain or Brass armor your next goal will be plate Armor. This armor is bulky but far superior to anything you have previously owned and a must for any rookie character in the game. After the purchase of your Plate armor you may be in limbo for a bit. All the armors that you need to purchase next will be very expensive, but again, your life is well worth the gold! Nobel armor is a good upgrade, but you’ll be spending about 6000 gold to obtain it. The defense is quite high, and so is the weight. The next step up would be Knight Armor; this is a staple armor for most players through a good portion of the game. It has a bit more defense then Noble Armor and weighs less because of the material it is made from. Knight armor is essential for the survival of a higher level character venturing around Tibia.

Crown Armor is part of a set of armor. There is a Crown Shield, Crown Armor, Crown Legs and a Crown Helmet. This is a very expensive and valuable set of equipment, but extremely powerful. You will easily get a return on your investment as you will take down more powerful creatures while taking less damage. Also many of the games “heroes” use the Crown set to defend the weaker characters from the evil PK’ing teams and power abusers. The Crown Armor and set is going to be needed by all players eventually but be sure that you don’t put full stock into it. Try and upgrade your weapons before you spend so much time and energy obtaining this set.

Also when talking about armor we cannot exclude the Helmet and Legs. Many times these essential pieces of armor are overlooked only because they provide far less protection then the armor you wear on your chest. Legs can be very expensive as the game moves on and can provide the extra edge in defense that one may need for survival. Leather legs will do you well for a time, but once on the main island try and obtain Plate Legs. These legs are the first that you want to invest any money in, if you happen to find Chain or Brass legs that’s fine, you should use them, but I would not waste any valuable resource in buying them.

Plate legs should actually suffice you until a lot later on in the game. The next upgrade you’ll make is to Knight or Crown Legs, but again this can be a very expensive venture so make sure you have good base set of equipment before spending so much on just one pair of legs

Helmets are abundant on Tibia and don’t offer all that much more protection. A good Armor may give you +20 defense while a good helmet might give you +7 or 8. You start the game with no helmets at all and find a leather helmet to be of little use, but hey, it’s better then nothing. A legion or Viking helmet will do you well as you progress on Rookguard each costing only about 70 or 80 gold. Once you get to the main land try and purchase a Dark helmet or Plate helmet. From then on just buy better helmets as you see fit, they are not really good investments for what they cost, but can prove to add the vital defensive edge in a close battle. Other good helmets include The Crusader helmet, Crown Helmet and Demon helmet.

So there is a list of basic armors that you should try and obtain while in the wonderful world of Tibia. There are however so many more then there are listed here, so just explore and find what fits you as a player the best. After all individuality is one of the major draws in this game allowing the player to have millions of options that will ultimately affect his or her overall outcome in this game.