Armor of Tibia: The Best Armor in the Massive Multiplayer Online Game

Many have said that a warriors best friend is his sword… well that’s just not the case. In the online game of Tibia your best friend is going to be your armor! The armor you use in Tibia will vary greatly from the time you start until the time that you are more advanced player. You need to choose armor that is right for you, and here is a good way to start off.
As a beginner in Rookguard you will start with a shirt or coat. These are the most basic forms or armor only giving you minimal protection, but for your weak capacity they will do just fine. Try and upgrade to leather armor as soon as you can, although this type of armor is not too much better. Once you advance a few levels try and purchase studded armor. This may cost you a pretty penny to begin with, but it will save your life as you venture through the rest of Rookguard. Once you have studded armor there is no need the buy any other kind or armor until you get to mainland.

Once on the main cotenant you will be facing tougher monsters, and players! So you need an upgrade to your armor. Try and find some chain armor first off. You can buy this for a few hundred gold, or by killing a Minotaur. Either way it’s essential to your survival. Brass Armor is another good option, though a fair bit heavier then chain armor, it will provide a slight bit more protection

Now after the purchase or find of Chain or Brass armor your next goal will be plate Armor. This armor is bulky but far superior to anything you have previously owned and a must for any rookie character in the game. After the purchase of your Plate armor you may be in limbo for a bit. All the armors that you need to purchase next will be very expensive, but again, your life is well worth the gold! Nobel armor is a good upgrade, but you’ll be spending about 6000 gold to obtain it. The defense is quite high, and so is the weight. The next step up would be Knight Armor; this is a staple armor for most players through a good portion of the game. It has a bit more defense then Noble Armor and weighs less because of the material it is made from. Knight armor is essential for the survival of a higher level character venturing around Tibia.

Crown Armor is part of a set of armor. There is a Crown Shield, Crown Armor, Crown Legs and a Crown Helmet. This is a very expensive and valuable set of equipment, but extremely powerful. You will easily get a return on your investment as you will take down more powerful creatures while taking less damage. Also many of the games “heroes” use the Crown set to defend the weaker characters from the evil PK’ing teams and power abusers. The Crown Armor and set is going to be needed by all players eventually but be sure that you don’t put full stock into it. Try and upgrade your weapons before you spend so much time and energy obtaining this set.

Also when talking about armor we cannot exclude the Helmet and Legs. Many times these essential pieces of armor are overlooked only because they provide far less protection then the armor you wear on your chest. Legs can be very expensive as the game moves on and can provide the extra edge in defense that one may need for survival. Leather legs will do you well for a time, but once on the main island try and obtain Plate Legs. These legs are the first that you want to invest any money in, if you happen to find Chain or Brass legs that’s fine, you should use them, but I would not waste any valuable resource in buying them.

Plate legs should actually suffice you until a lot later on in the game. The next upgrade you’ll make is to Knight or Crown Legs, but again this can be a very expensive venture so make sure you have good base set of equipment before spending so much on just one pair of legs

Helmets are abundant on Tibia and don’t offer all that much more protection. A good Armor may give you +20 defense while a good helmet might give you +7 or 8. You start the game with no helmets at all and find a leather helmet to be of little use, but hey, it’s better then nothing. A legion or Viking helmet will do you well as you progress on Rookguard each costing only about 70 or 80 gold. Once you get to the main land try and purchase a Dark helmet or Plate helmet. From then on just buy better helmets as you see fit, they are not really good investments for what they cost, but can prove to add the vital defensive edge in a close battle. Other good helmets include The Crusader helmet, Crown Helmet and Demon helmet.

So there is a list of basic armors that you should try and obtain while in the wonderful world of Tibia. There are however so many more then there are listed here, so just explore and find what fits you as a player the best. After all individuality is one of the major draws in this game allowing the player to have millions of options that will ultimately affect his or her overall outcome in this game.

Bullet Force Online Cheats

The latest version of bullet force now readily available online. This game is perfectly suitable for those who need relax and relieve their stress. This bullet force hack tool is specially designed for the casual players who are looking for obtaining the amazing game play experience. This game is completely legitimate to use that allows the players to enjoy more and more number of hours without any hassles. The professional team of developers has designed this amazing hack tool, which is ready to use and also exploit the game without even getting detected.

The best part of this hack cheat is completely free to use against the game anti-cheat system. If you wish to generate unlimited amount of gold and credits to your account, you can simply make use of this awesome hack tool on your device. Moreover, the bullet force live hack generator tool has completely tested, before it has been released. So that this cheat tool is 100% efficient and safe to use.

By using this amazing tool, you can get countless number of credits, gold and cheats that are added immediately to your game account. This tool also works online, which is free from spyware, malware and viruses that could harm your android, iOS and PC. However, the bullet force is an open source game that only available in English language. If you don’t have money to buy weapons and any other resources, you can make use of this awesome tool and get everything what you want.

Steps to setup the bullet force hack

When you decide to use this bullet force tool, first of all you need to setup in the following methods:

  • First of all, you have to download and install the APK file on your device
  • Make a copy and paste “com.blayzegames.iosfps” folder on “android/OBB”
  • Finally, enter the game

How to get connect to your bullet force game account?

Now, this bullet force game also featured with 3 polished modes such as conquest, team death match and gun game. When you start playing this game, it is necessary to connect to your bullet force game account, so it is very important to follow the instructions given below:

  • If you are using mobile device such as android, iOS and windows, first you need to enter your bullet force user name exactly.
  • Next, choose your operating system that you are using on your desktop such as PC, Mac and notebook and then connect the device to it through USB cable.
  • After that, you have to select the device and enter the name of your device in the user name filed.
  • After you connect the device, it is very much important to open the game, leave a game and also open to read the data and then click on Connect button.

Instructions to use the bullet force hack

If you are new to this online bullet force hack generator tool, you just follow the steps given below to know how to use this tool:

  • First of all, you have to choose what device you are using and click on Connect button.
  • Choose the specific features and press on Generate button.
  • Wait for a few minutes till the end of process, then open the game and finally enjoy playing with new exciting features.

After using this online hack tool, you can get unlimited amount of credits and gold cheats that are added immediately to your game account. This online hack tool works well on platforms such as android and iOS. All you have to do is go to the website and get your credits and gold.

Advantages of using a Dragon City Hack

In a modern world many of the people are willing to play unique gameplay and dragon city is the best choice because it is consisting of unique gameplay. This game player is growing dragon for battle and they have to prepare foods for their dragon. But it is the freemium game so players are not willing to play this game because they are not ready to spend their hard earned money. If you are selecting the best dragon city hack then people no need to worry about money because it is coming with the free of cost if you use this one Most of the top players are used this hack tool to increase their resources and it is completely easy to use.

Detailed information about dragon city gameplay

Fortunately dragon city game is designed with the excellent quality of features and players can unlock the advanced features such as guardian dragons and ancient world. They can also fight against with the other dragon masters so that you can know about strength. Actually it is the best way to play a game without spending your real world currency. But choosing the best dragon city hack is most important or else it is producing harmful results. There are vast numbers of hack tools are there but there is no possibility that all hack tools are increased your resources. It is the multiplayer game so winning is considered as pride but you are not ready for using your real world currency then you can select the best hack tool. It is saving your time and effort and you can thoroughly enjoy this game.

Amazing advantages of choosing dragon city hack tool

Dragon city is the most popular game so you can easily get unlimited amounts of gems with the help of hack tool. It is designed with the proxy protections so it is completely secured your information and no one is knows you are using hack tool. Actually most of the top players are used this game so you can use this tool without fear. Choose the best site for downloading the hack tool and install it in your site. Type your desired resources which you are looking to win this game. Once you click the submit button then you must wait for some time because it is taking time to update your desired resources. If you are selecting the best hack tool then you can get the vast numbers of benefits.

Clash of Clans Hack releases unlimited game benefits for the players

Video game has become the one of the most favorite entertainment for many people. People of all age group play video game because there are different kinds of games in the market that suits to different age people. Many people find video games as most interesting so they play games whenever they find time. They play when they are at home and when they are travelling and in any place where they are free to play.  Video games turn the boring time to interesting time and hence players play it all the time. If the game is more enjoyable then players become addicted for that game.

The one of the most interesting game with highest number of fan following is Clash of Clans that engages the player with the game. Players usually would play the game that has interesting game play otherwise they would ignore it. The reason is that the one of the main reason for playing video game is to pass the time excitingly. If the game play is interesting then the players don’t look other things of the game because they use to play the games that has poor graphics, average soundings and tracks but still with interesting game play. The game play of clash of clans is based on the excellent theme that engages the mind of the player with the game.

The reason for the familiarity of Clash of Clans is the strategic plot that attracts the players much. Strategic games use to be perfectly made for exciting the players because developers set the game play in which player has to try different strategies to win in each level of the game. As they apply different strategies they get succeeded in any best strategy and it will make the player to win the game with best scores. Players with best scores will be listed in the top scorers list so that other players will invite them for challenge. Since this game is multiplayer game most of the players use to invite others to play with them so that they can have fun and challenging as they don’t play with computer and get to play with real opponents other side.

The game play is to clash with the clans of other territories to take hold of their dominion using the trained troops. Player has to select people for joining in troop and then training should be given to them so that they get ready for the battle. Once they are ready for the battle they will be taken to clash with the opponent’s troop to defeat their king and take the kingdom. Once the king and his troops are defeated the player will take the tower of the territory which is the sign of kingdom. The player will use all the possession taken from the tower and in that place so that he can use it for purchasing and for building.

As the player defeats more kings and rulers, gems will be increasing in the game account of the player. Player will use the gems to buy weapons because advanced weapons will be needed when the player advances to different levels. Level after level the difficulty of the game will be increasing so player has to give continuous training to the troops and have to add more people in to the troop in order to face the battle. Player has to increase the amount of gems so that it can be used to buy more needed weapons.

Players with low gems and scores would not be able to face the tough battle they face to take the other thrones and to protect their thrones in different places. The battle will be not only to defeat other kings and their towers but also to protect the tower that is captivated by the player. Enemies from any direction will come to attack the tower to take hold of the tower and the city that is under the rule of the player. Therefore the player has to have advanced weapons that can be bought only with more gems. Players with low amount of gems and other benefits of the game should use Clash of Clans Hack – Get Free Gems which helps the player to get unlimited gems without any efforts. Unlimited gems and benefits will be added in to the game account.

Players have to download the hack tool from game hack sites either as installation tool or the tool that can used within the site. Player has to enter the number of gems and other benefits needed so that the tool will generate unlimited gems and game benefits. Players have to be careful in downloading hack tool because any hack tool infected with virus will affect the device. So rather than installing the hack tool in the device, it is better to use the hack tool within the site so that the device will be safe from virus

It’s coming out in December – Super Mario Run

Are you a player of Super Mario Run? Struggling to collect coins required playing the game? If like so, then super Mario run hack is the best choice for you to overcome problems with collecting plenty of coins. This is the first time for you to use super Mario run, and then you should don’t know how to hack or cheat Super Mario Run right!! No worries; I’m here for helping you in this to know.

How to hack or cheat super Mario run?

There are 2 options for you to make use the features of Super Mario Run hack such as an online generator and downloadable files. But, from these 2 options, most of the people prefer only the online generator, because there is nothing to download and install on the device on which you’re playing. But, whenever you need a certain amount of coins, you can open the generator and generate more coins. Here is a step by step procedure to hack or cheat super Mario run for you to follow.


Step #1:

At first, you need to find the right website that allows you to generate free coins for super Mario run, but you have to find the best site to accomplish it. So, open the generator page to generate required coins.

Step #2:

In the web page, you need to enter your username that you got from singing in the process.

Step #3:

No matter you use which device to play the super Mario run game; you have to choose the type of device on the page.

Step #4:

Now, it’s time for you to enter a number of resources you need to move on to the next level. You can generate millions of coins from the generator, at a time, you can create only limited amount like 10000.

Step #5:

After that, click generation button and then wait for a few seconds. It takes some time to generate your requested coins and adding to your account.

That’s all!! The process of hacking resources for Super Mario Run game is completed. Some online generator includes some added steps such as unlocking game and checking whether you’re human or not. So, enjoy your game with generated coins and can move on to the next level without spending more time and effort. Simply follow these steps to hack Super Mario Run game.

Facing Hardship in Expanding Your SimCity BuildIt?

When you have started to search for SimCity  BuildIt Hack and cheats, you would surely have come across various sites that would just collect your personal details and would never help you in progressing in your game. Now, you can feel relaxed because you have safely landed upon this site where we offer you the best SimCity BuildIt Hack and cheats.

Well, before discussing the solution for your hardship, Let’s look into a small introduction on SimCity  BuildIt.


SimCity  BuildIt – Introduction

As most of us know, SimCity  BuildIt is an awesome game which was designed and released by Electronic Arts (EA). Initially, it was available only for MAC and PC but in late 2014, a new upgraded version was released for mobile. It was designed in a special way for both Android and iOS. The most difficult thing in this SimCity  BuildIt game is that you have to wait for longer time to get Simoleons, coins, and Simcash. That too, as and when you are moving to a higher level you have to wait for an even more, longer period of time.

Freemium Marketing Method

SimCity  Build It follows the Freemium Marketing Method, similar to the Clash of Clans where you need not spend any amount during the purchase of the game. But, there are n numbers of in-app products that are associated with the game are available in the market. Some of these products include Simoleons and Simcash.

Why not in-app purchase?

In in-app purchases, you have to pay a huge sum of money for buying just few Simcash, keys, and Simoleons. However, we would not suggest you get into the SimCity BuildIt in-app purchases. For completing your tasks in a faster way, you would definitely need a huge amount of Simoleons and Simcash but on purchasing Simoleons and Simcash using in-app purchase, you would get only very few numbers of Simoleons even after paying a big amount like 40$ or 50$. However, while progressing in the game, you might spend all the Simoleons and after that, again you would be in need of Simoleons and you have to purchase it again.

Why SimCity  BuildIt Hack?

In SimCity  BuildIt Hack, you can get numerous Simoleons, infinite Gold Keys, and unlimited Simcash. You need not wait for a long period of time and you can quickly progress to next levels of the game. The most surprising part of this SimCity  BuildIt Hack is that you need not spend even a single rupee from your pocket. Yes! It is extremely free of cost! Some people may be worried whether their account might be blocked or banned if they use SimCity  BuildIt Hack and for the information of those players, we assure you that your account would never be banned or barred by the SimCity  BuildIt owners as we have included an efficient anti-ban system that would safeguard your account from being banned. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and use our SimCity BuildIt Hack to enjoy a variety of features and services!

Stuffs to need to know on PewDiePie Tuber Simulator

Tuber Simulator is a wonderful iOS and Android game that has booming demand in recent trend. PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator Hack helps one can to download the game with unlimited bux and for free of cost. In which it gives the chance to make a big time to play and win with it. Last September 2016 gave birth to this new game wherein it received around 48 million subscribers immediately when the game is launched. The download charts of the Google Play Store and iTunes steep high and therefore numbers of fans are actually waiting.

What one needs?

As everyone knows that PewDiePie ranks first place over YouTube for decades and now the probability ran for the chance of Tuber Simulator to beat the former guy. In general, simulation games would create chance box to own videos on YouTube channel or at Tube room and much more as per technological implementations.

About the game

A wild popular game thread Goat Simulator created Tuber Simulator which is also supposedly created by PewDiePie for himself and the game studio Revelmode. Right for the current scenario, the game Tuber Simulator shows few errors when loading the game wherein the users are not able to create own account. Likely because of around 48 million subscribers on YouTube, the channel is getting hang-up at times while trying downloading to play the game.

Server error

Though server errors occur at times, iTunes got rank of #2 and PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator Hack on top place and received fame of feathers already. With PewDiePie’s own voice over, the game is enthralling with much more fun & frolic, much addictive and lovable. The game side department assured that the server end errors would be resolved in short as soon as possible to quest the game lovers’ thirst.

And to the assurance, almost Error 99 has been fixed wherein fixing for few bugs and problems are under process, as per the Twitter statement given out by the game side creator. Servers got hammered by rushing users, grabbing the new updates is the challenging part of them. For best experience, it is recommended to be on v1.0.4.

There seemed to be the problem in finding out friends and adding/inviting them too. Hence as for now, the game is limited for only ten friends wherein the “feature” option is locked. Though there were issues while visiting or voting at the favorite room, the inventory would start running once after the final updates. And here is one another recommendation that there is no use of changing the iPhone clock for trying cheats and hacks, in which it is not responding.


Tuber Simulator downloads

PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator Hack now paves the path to make one’s dream of making own videos and broadcasting the same across YouTube channel, Tube room, or any other possible channels through. Yet it is not real but for a fun simulation, many love to do it. And now it is completely free of cost in downloading the Tube Simulator on both iOS and Android systems wherein there would be in-app purchase figures.

Once after the installation is completed, the users are actually allowed to create a replica account on YouTube to get started. Then the step goes to level next of making videos, sharing, and earning the subscribers. The process goes long enough wherein the user has to keep himself top as the king to win the game.

Bottom line

PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator beats the former successful game of PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist with more number of subscribers. The game continues to earn leading rank with enhanced updates in short.

Win in Clash Royale Every Single Time

How to easily and quickly win Clash Royale game through hack tool

The mobile game players who already experienced playing the clash of clans game will surely enjoy playing its upgraded version of game called Clash Royale. It is extremely funny game with the so many colorful and interesting gaming characters and features. Even to the beginners it is very simple and easy to play on your Android and iOS smart devices. When the mobile users have decided to start playing clash royale on your mobile device, first you need to be familiar with the basic layout of the game, how to manage the resources, and how to build the deck for the battles. It is always better following the strategies and advices given by the experts to balance your attacks and win the game.

Tips for Clash Royale game play:

  • With the Clash Royale mobile strategy game, everyone will fight with your opponents in real time and they fight back. The players should have to use the defense, offense, following proper timing, and use the advanced winning strategies to beat the enemy and win the game.
  • The larger troops or more numbers of troops you use should need to wait for the elixir to regenerate before organizing the more numbers of troops. In order to earn more elixir or any other gaming resources, it is always suggested using the clash royale cheats on the web.
  • Using hacking tool for your clash royale game play is one and only easy and effectively way to instantly generate unlimited numbers of gaming resources like gems, elixir, and gold for winning the game.
  • At the same time, it is vital to discover the best and suitable gaming strategy and use it throughout the game.
  • In the beginning stage, the troops of the players are most probably outmatched but every player needs to keep playing and also learning how to smartly beat the enemies.

Hacks or cheats for Clash Royale:

From the suggested tips from the experts, using hack tool for clash royale game is one of the most considerable and highly workable to everyone. Gems are the in-game currencies which are very helpful to buy various items to go to the next level of the game. In the same way, the gold is another important currency in this clash royale game which is very helpful to win the battles against the opponents.

Likewise, elixirs are also truly important gaming resource to unlock all the weapons and for many other features. In order to earn all of these three gaming resources for your gaming needs, it is always better using the reliable and licensed clash royale hack tool on the web. While choosing a specific hack tool for your gambling, it is crucial to check out the license, authentication, and usability of the particular hack tool along with the anti-ban security feature. The anti-ban security system in your hack tool of clash royale game will be the most beneficial part to hide your hacking process from detecting by the developers or any other gaming platforms.

Questions You Need To Ask About Words With Friends

Here is what you may learn about words with friends :


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How to Get Free Gems for Clash Royale?

Do you want free gems for clash royale? Then, exactly this is the right place for you people to get huge free gems to play clash royale. In order to gain more gems, you need to play more and have to wait for more days. But, you know without waiting for a long time, you can able to get free gems. How??  By using free gems clash royale hack.

How to get free gems for clash royale?

As like as a hacking tool for other video games, the clash royale also has its own hacking tool. And, the clash royale cheats are available in 2 versions such as:

  • Online
  • Downloadable



In this version, you no need to install any files to your device and simply log in to the website and hack more gems that you want to play. There are so many websites to provide this feature and among all choose anyone and create an account for you.

After that, simply open your account using username and password and choose what type of resource you need and how much you need. That’s all!! You can add more gems to your account to use. This is available for both android and as well as iOS device platform.


In the second version, you can download the appropriate file for hacking clash royale and download. A great thing about this method is it’s free to download the app. Thus, simply download and install on your iOS or android platform device. Then, open it and hack gems whenever you need.

These are the 2 versions of clash royale hack available in the market for you people to use and get more gems.

Features of clash royale hack tool:

The above mentioned 2 methods are features the same and those are as follows:

  • It is very easy to use those both versions.
  • This is designed with user-friendly.
  • It is compatible with all devices
  • It doesn’t require your personal details
  • You can gain more gold, elixir and other resources including gems
  • You can able to enjoy your game without any annoyances.
  • You no need to wait for longer time to get gems
  • It is very easy to use

These are some of the features of the online and downloadable version of clash royale hack to get more gems.